A spirit of hospitality that has continued for 350 years.
We want to convey the charm of the Nakasendo "Kiso Road"


Deluxe Japanese-Style Room with 2 beds with Open-Air Bath

Japanese style room with 2 beds
with toilet&shower

Deluxe Japanese-Style Room with Open-Air Bath

Japanese style room for 2~3
with toilet&shower

Superior Japanese-Style Room with Private Bathroom

Japanese style Large room for 2~4
with toilet&shower

Standard Twin Room with Private Bathroom and tatami floor

Japanese style room with 2 beds
with toilet&shower

Standard Japanese-Style Room with Private Bathroom

Japanese style room for 1~2
with toilet&shower


*we are flexible with special food requirements, such as vegan, vegetarians, gluten-free, etc.
Please let us know your requirements at least 1 day in advance
Meals are served on the 2nd floor of the inn. (Tables and chairs on Japanese tatami floor: shoes off) 
Sake brewery shop called “Nana-warai” is across the street from our ryokan. You can enjoy their sake at the restraunt as well as sake of Nakazenshuzo, another beloved brewery in Kiso.


1st floor of the hotel building

Women/men separate. Blue curtain-men / pink curtain-women

Users: open to anyone staying at the hotel, as well as local visitors
Hours: 12:00-1:00 in the morning, 5:00-9:00 in the morning
(visitors hours: 12:00-9:00 in the evening)

*persons with tatoos CAN use the onsen (allowed)
Babies can also use the onsen with guardians.
*NO swimsuits allowed

sightseeing around the ryokan

One tourist from Europe referred Kiso town as “a charming peaceful town”, sightseeing spots blending in with peoples’ ordinary lives.
You will be amazed how many sightseeing spots you can visit within a walking distance from the ryokan / inn.

*Ueno-dan: post town in Kiso-Fukushima on the hill. It is less than 500m in distance, a place you cannot miss here.
*Kozenji temple: has the largest sand garden produced by Mirei Shigemori.
*public “Foot bath”: located on the main street, by the Kiso river with a roof on top, open 24hours. After a long day of hiking, please sit by the river and get your feet soaked in hot water and relax. Eating ice cream from an ice cream shop across the street is also recommended.


Kozenji temple

public “Foot bath”


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